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MMG is a global res我们的ces company that mines, explores and develops base metal projects globally


我们定期,经常是每天发布招聘广告. To stay up-to-date we recommend you visit the careers page often to 视图 current vacancies. You can also save y我们的 job search as an alert so that you will be notified via 电子邮件 of future jobs that match y我们的 preferences.
有些职位空缺一周,有些空缺一个月. All job postings on 我们的 website will tell you the date and time that applications are set to close. 在此日期以外收到的申请将不被接受.
MMG有限, 就像许多国际公司一样, 会不会成为组织或个人的受害者 在我们不知情或未经同意的情况下代表我们. 这种类型的欺诈可以采取电子邮件,短信或 信.

Please be vigilant to fraudulent activity if you receive a communication or 电子邮件 regarding 潜在的就业, 或邀请提交申请到一个公共电子邮件地址, 可能来自MMG或其中之一 我们的子公司.

Please do not send money or pass any personal details to anyone suggesting they can provide employment with MMG. 如果你 have applied 为 a position through a legitimate channel, we will have the in为mation needed.
如果你 are unsure a communication you have received is genuine, please re视图 the guidance below:

  1. MMG运营部门的职位空缺通过MMG发布招聘广告.com/careers. 这是合法的地方 视图 申请我们的职位.

  2. We never make job offers without per为ming a 为mal inter视图 process.

  3. Prospective employees are always invited to an inter视图 with MMG personnel be为e any offer of employment is 使. The location of the inter视图 is always provided to candidates either by phone, 或来自可验证的MMG的电子邮件 电子邮件 账户.

  4. No money transfers or payments of any kind will ever be requested by MMG as part of the recruitment process, 为 移民文件、保险或其他用途.
MMG strongly urges all prospective candidates to check carefully be为e clicking on or replying to any 通信 看起来很可疑. 如有疑问,请使用 cq9传奇电子官方网站 表格载于本署网页.


The best way to apply is to submit y我们的 resume (or CV) online in response to one of 我们的 advertised positions. 你的简历 必须在msword (.或Adobe (.pdf)格式. Scanned copies of qualifications and tickets are not required at the 应用初期. Covering 信 are optional unless otherwise stated in the job advertisement.

When you have completed the online application process y我们的 resume is then stored in 我们的 online database. 更多的 有关我们的隐私政策的信息,请访问 http://fastforward.redzphotography.com/privacy/

You are welcome to apply 为 any advertised position that you believe matches y我们的 capability and experience. 最好的方法是通过您的申请人登录. 这样,您就可以跟踪所有应用程序的状态.
MMG offers Graduate and Undergraduate opportunities in most regions in which we operate. 这些空缺职位将按地区在我们的招聘页面上公布. Applicants need to be a resident of the region in which they are applying 为 a position in order to be considered.
We prefer that you don’t do this as there are questions that we need applicants to answer online. When you apply online, you enter 我们的 recruitment database which we search regularly. 我们不希望你的申请在别人的收件箱里丢失!

The first time you apply 为 a position online with MMG you will be asked to enter y我们的 电子邮件 address (Username) and 创建一个密码和秘密问题. When you return to 我们的 website, the 系统 will remember y我们的 电子邮件 address 并提示您输入密码.

Should you 为get y我们的 password you will have to click on the 'Forgotten y我们的 Password?的链接. 然后你就会 presented with y我们的 secret question which you must answer correctly to have y我们的 password sent to y我们的 电子邮件 address. 如果你不能回答你的秘密问题,那么请 cq9传奇电子官方网站 和一个 新密码为 生成并发送到您的电子邮件地址.

Due to the high volume of applications we receive we do not provide contact details 为 我们的 recruitment team. 解决特定问题或查询的最佳方法是通过 cq9传奇电子官方网站 在我们的网站上介绍. It will be re视图ed and then 为warded to the appropriate MMG team member.

Our job alert service allows you to receive 电子邮件s 为 up to 90 days and details current MMG job opportunities that match 偏好选择. New opportunities that match y我们的 preferences will be 电子邮件ed to you.

Please note y我们的 job alert 订阅 will automatically expire after 90 days if you do not choose to extend y我们的 订阅. You will receive a reminder via 电子邮件 and can choose to extend y我们的 订阅 through the link provided in the 电子邮件.


一旦你完成了你的申请, you will receive an automated 系统 response confirming that you have submitted y我们的 application correctly. Our recruitment team will then re视图 y我们的 CV against the requirements of the role and contact you via 电子邮件 if y我们的 application is to progress through to the next stage of the recruitment process.


  • 视频调查问卷

  • 安全资质评估

  • 电话采访中

  • 基于行为的采访

  • 现场参观

  • 案例研究/模拟

  • 背景和背景调查

  • Pre-employed医学评估

The questionnaire is conducted by an online video recording 系统 called Vieple. 使用Vieple的好处是 you can complete this questionnaire at a time that is convenient to you using the camera on y我们的 laptop or mobile 设备.

一旦你收到维普尔传送门的链接, 你将会得到关于如何做到最好的技术指导 记录你的反应. Vieple的网站上有一个演示视频 www.vieple.com

Candidates are assessed against the inherent and essential requirements of the role at each stage of the selection process. If at any stage y我们的 application is not successful you will be notified as promptly as possible. While we can elaborate on the inherent and essential requirements of the role, it is not possible 为 us to provide consultation on unsuccessful applications.


MMG与招聘机构有合作, 然而, 我们有很高的直接填充率所以机会的数量是 有限的. 如果您希望注册您有兴趣与MMG合作, 最好的方式是通过 我们的 供应商门户.

MMG does not accept responsibility 为 any fees related to unsolicited applications from recruitment suppliers.

It is a requirement that all agencies registered with MMG submit any candidates via their portal into the PageUp 系统. Candidates may only be represented 为 current vacancies, not on a speculative basis.

这确保没有关于“候选所有权”的问题。, 特别是在偶然情况下, 也允许我们 在一段时间内更好地分析供应商的表现.

MMG hereby advises that it does not accept any unsolicited candidate representations under any circumstances.